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The processing management entity is the Data legal Drive Company (89 Boulevard Haussmann – 75008 Paris).

The collected data are used in the remits of the Website use, and are necessary to enable you to contact us, and to create statistics and measures about our service visits. Data are collected and processed, on a contractual basis, by Data Legal Drive, via its technical and sales subcontractors, and only for these ends. Data are not to be moved out the European Union. Personal data are only stocked during the period needed to execute the request, increased by the legal period related to its evidence. During the data collection, you will be informed if some of the data must imperatively be complete or if they are optional. Data identified by an asterisk in an inscription form are mandatory. By default, the access to the services and their use might be restricted.
In virtue of the practical reglementation, you have the right of (i)access, (ii) correction, (iii) deletion, (iv) restriction, (v) contradiction and (vi) portability of these data towards a service provider in that particuliar case. You can assert your rights by contacting the following adress : by justifying your identity. Every data deletion request, permissible at every moment on the previous adress, is likely to stop your request execution. In case of dispute, you have at your disposal the right to refer to a control authority.