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Répertoriez & gérez les traitements de données personnelles de votre entreprise

Mapping of processing

Data Legal Drive enables the DPO or any person concerned by data management to simply, rapidly and intuitively:

  • list the personal data processing undertaken by the company as data controller or as data processor;
  • describe each of the processing in compliance with article 30 of GDPR;
  • monitor in a collaborative manner the status of every processing mapping;
  • integrate the processing mappings made with excel, through a fast and secured transfer module.

Recording of processing

Data Legal Drive enables you constitute progressively a recording of the company’s processing, in compliance with article 30 of GDPR by:

  • classifying the processing according to the company’s qualification, the domains and the concerned Departments;
  • duplicating easily then adjusting the processing shared by several Departments or several entities of a group;
  • giving a global vision of the recording in order to detect inconsistencies and missing information.

When the description of the company processing has already been made with Excel, a transfer module enables the fast and secured integration of data into the Data Legal Drive platform 

Constituez progressivement votre registre des traitements
Data Legal Drive réalise un audit RGPD de votre entreprise via des questionnaires dynamiques & respectant la réalité juridique du RGPD

Legal, organisational and technical


Data Legal Drive offers a set of interactive and exclusive forms enabling you, for the legal, organisational and technical aspects, to:

  • identify what has been done, what is ongoing and what has to be implemented to be GDPR compliant;
  • centralise all the documents involved in the corporate governance during the diagnosis;
  • list the aspects of the compliance process which have not been taken into account yet or which are not understood by the teams.

Corporate governance management

Data Legal Drive offers the DPO or any data subject by data management a GDPR governance management tool enabling them to:

  • create precise actions related to the company’s compliance, to assign them and to define their deadlines and importance;
  • list all the carried out, ongoing and to be done actions;
  • have at hand at any moment a diagnosis tool of the company’s GDPR compliance status.
Outil de pilotage de toutes les actions RGPD à entreprendre
Gérez efficacement les demandes d'accès, d'effacement, de limitation, d'opposition, de rectification des données personnelles de vos clients / utilisateurs

Management of data subjects’ requests

Data Legal Drive offers the tools to save and manage all requests received from a data subject :

  • by creating a form centralising the identity of the concerned person, the justification of her/his identity, the demand’s nature, (access demand, deleting, limitation, opposition, rectification, etc.) and demand’s deadline;
  • by uploading the demand as well as the potential answer of the data controller;
  • by assigning the task of processing each demand to the appropriate company’s department;
  • by monitoring and listing in a dashboard all the waiting, processed and closed demands.

Management of personal data breach

Data Legal Drive enables you to record and manage personnal data breaches, identified internally or declared by subcontractors:

  • by creating a form collecting the nature of the breach, the categories of the concerned data, the approximate number of recordings of these data , the description of the likely consequences of the breach and the description of the taken or considered measures;
  • by identifying if this violation constitutes a risk for the rights and liberties of physical persons which would justify a notification to the supervisory authorities, or even constitutes a high risk which would justify a notification to the concerned persons;
  • by downloading documents related to the breach and the taken measures;
  • by following and listing in a dashboard all the personal data breaches processed by the company.
gérez efficacement les violations de données personnelles identifiées en interne ou déclarées par les sous-traitants
Réunissez dans une même plateforme toute la documentation juridique, organisationnelle & technique prouvant la conformité de l'entreprise au RGPD

Accountability Management

Data Legal Drive enables you to gather within the same platform all the legal, organisational and technical documents proving the company’s GDPR compliance so that:

  • all the company’s heads of business units, according to the profiles assigned to each user, may share up-to-date documents and exchange on internal best practices related to personal data protection;
  • the company fulfil its obligation of accountability, by being able to justify at any given moment and in a documented manner of its respect of GDPR principles and obligations.

Contracts monitoring

When reaching a certain volume of contractual documents, a monitoring tool is offered to:

  • list contracts, additional clauses and compliances declarations which must be formalised and sent;
  • identify to whom they were sent, when and in which version;
  • monitor the acception and discussion status of these documents;
  • ease the reminder and negotiation management.
Outil de suivi &  gestion des contrats
Formez vos équipes pour passer en mode RGPD efficacement grâce à la fonctionnalité de pilotage formation de Data Legal Drive

Monitoring of trainings

Regardless of the number of persons needing to be trained, Data Legal Drive offers a monitoring tool for the trainings given to the employees and collaborators of the company, in order to:

  • be able to list who was trained, when, with what material or method;
  • identify who succeeded or failed to the trainings;
  • be able to justify to clients about the level of awareness / training of the staff to the new GDPR regulations;
  • be able to justify to supervisory authorities of the internal training of staff and its awareness about personal data protection.

Models of clauses & contracts

Data Legal Drive gives access to a large number of contract, additional clause and legal mention models written in French and English by the lawyers from Staub & Associés legal office in order to make the following GDPR compliant:

  • contracts with clients, suppliers and employees;
  • mentions of information, privacy policy and cookies policy of websites and applications;
  • personal data collection form (for membership cards, drawings, online subscriptions, etc.)
Bibliothèque en ligne de modèles de clauses et de contrats rédigés par des avocats experts
Bibliothèque en ligne de textes et d'actualités sur le sujet du RGPD, rédigés par les avocats du cabinet Staub & Associés

Information and legal texts

Data Legal Drive puts at your disposal a documentary base and a continuous legal watch made by the lawyers from Staub & Associés legal office, including:

  • all the legal news on GDPR, future e-Privacy and e-Evidence rules, French case law, notices from the CNIL or WP29;
  • all the texts, classified and sometimes commentated, related to personal data (GDPR articles and recitals, French law and regulations…).

Legal and technical support chat

Data Legal Drive puts at your disposal a chat enabling you to ask any legal or technical questions about handling and using the platform:

  • Technical questions related to the use of the platform, access, profile and password management are dealt with by IT technician from POCKET RESULT, who develops the platform and manages its hosting;
  • Legal questions related to handling the platform, definition of concepts and inputs in the platform’s different pages and forms are addressed by lawyers from STAUB & ASSOCIÉS
Data Legal Drive vous fourni une assistance en ligne à tout moment en cas de questions sur des points juridiques relatifs au RGPD

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