Digitise your GDPR governance

Quickly, easily,
with or without DPO


Maps all personal data

Create a personal data record

Makes a diagnosis of your GDPR compliance


You take in hand your process in less than 3h


Manages your data governance

Management of Data subject request & personal data breach

Management of your company accountability

lancez votre plan de mise en conformité rgpd simplement et efficacement


You manage your conformity progress and order your priorities


Global monitoring of contracts, additional clauses and conformity declaration

Monitoring the training of your employees in compliance with the GDPR new rules

Suivi des procédures internes de conformité rgpd


You can manage your GDPR compliance process in a collaborative & visual way with to-do lists and Vous pilotez de manière collaborative & visuelle grâce à des to-do lists & state of progress


Access to models of contracts, clauses & legal mentions

Access to a documentary document base, that gathers actuality & GDPR experts comments

Access to a technical & legal support chat

Tous vos documents RGPD à portées de main, pour une preuve de mise en conformité immédiate


You can gather every documents related to GDPR and manage all actions & organisational modifications

And a bunch of features designed for your DPO
and your company’s boards !

Why Data Legal Drive ?

Data Legal Drive is a SaaS collaborative GDPR governance platform .

Designed with Staub & Associés, Dalloz et Editions législatives,
Data Legal Drive benefits from a unique partnership, by sharing resources such as practical & legal contents.

Lawyer office expert in IT & Data laws for 15 years

Staub & Associés guides its clients through their GDPR conformity, CNIL controls, IT contracts, and projects that need an execution of personal data treatments.
Each year, Staub & Associés is awarded as one of the three best IT & Data law Lawyer office.

A unique partnership – Legal and practical content

As historic french publishing Houses of the Lefebvre Sarrut group, Dalloz and Editions Législatives represent a publising and Legal press symbole of excellence.

Based in 5 countries, Lefevbre Sarrut is the first publishing and legal training group in Europe.

2 trophies already won since 2019

Data Legal drive has been awarded as :

  • the best Legal Tech 2019 during the “Trophées du Droit”
  • the most innovative Legal Tech during the “Victoires de l’Innovation Juridique”, event organized by “le Monde du Droit”

A book prefaced by the CNIL

The “Éditions Législatives” has co-written processed with Staub & Associés to the redaction of « Protection des données personnelles, se mettre en conformité d’ici le 25 mai 2018 ».
It is a reference book on this topic, prefaced by Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin ex CNIL President, and has sold 5.000 copies.

The 2019 edition will be made in partnership with Data Legal Drive, and will be released this summer !


the interactive map

of personal Data sanctions


the interactive map

of personal data sanctions


« For a Building and public work group such as NGE, GDPR conformity first involves the collaboration of 14 subsidariaries and many direction towards the same goal by creating a dynamic.

DATA LEGAL DRIVE allowed us to launch and manage the Company’s GDPR project quickly and efficiently, thanks to its collaborative & intuitive Software.

This platform gathers every GDPR legal & organisationnal issues : :mapping of processing, the creation of a record of processing, contracts adjustments, obligations management, governance execution & follow-up. It makes us feeling safe about GDPR conformity. »

Jean-Sebastien Leoni

Executive Vice President Finance

« DATA LEGAL DRIVE, as CCI France-Colombia’s strategic ally, allowed us to save time, and to be more efficient with our GDPR conformity.

Thanks to its digital & collaborative solution, we have been guided step by step for our data structuration & governance.»

« DATA LEGAL DRIVE, es el aliado estratégico de la CCI France Colombia para el cumplimiento de la reglamentación RGPD, ahorrando tiempo y recursos mediante una plataforma digital que tiene un espacio colaborativo y que te lleva paso a paso en la estructuración y administración de las bases de datos. »

Pedro Valero

Executive Director

« As the DPO of one of the leader legal office management solution, it was essential to find a robust & complete tool, in order to execute our GDPR conformity. DATA LEGAL DRIVE went beyond our expectations and allowed us to create our mapping, to write our records, to make a diagnosis of our systems & internal process etc.

The platform is absolutely intuitive, collaborative, and covers the entirety of GDPR governance needs.

One of the pros for the DPO : a menu dedicated to legal watch about data protection with a large choice of articles and data law based texts. »

Anthony Yeremian

Quality Assurance Manager

« Within a small company such as Citeazy, GDPR conformity is a vital and complex issue at the same time, due to our lack of resources.
Thanks to Data Legal drive, we got an intuitive tool that simplifies GDPR process and guides us in its execution.
The platform invites the user to exhaustively fill in step by step each essential informations relative to GDPR conformity.
It is also a cloud platform, in which you can stock every informations, contracts, requests and documents needed to prove your conformity. For a project as complex and strict as GDPR conformity, with a real need to have a monitoring over time, it definitely is the tool you can rely on ! »

Tiphaine Ligier


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