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Digitise your GDPR conformity quickly, efficiently,
with or without a DPO.

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Initiate or continue your Company’s GDPR process execution 

Whether your company has a DPO or not, Data Legal Drive is the optimal tool to manage your GDPR conformity process. With Data Legal Drive you can :

  • simplify your low value added or repetitive tasks
  • be sure of the accountability of each steps of your conformity 
  • Inspire a real culture of data in your company


the interactive map

of GDPR sanctions


the interactive map

of GDPR sanctions

A GDPR software designed for an optimized conformity, with or without DPO

Realize a complete mapping of your company’s data, conforming with the CNIL GDPR reforms, within a unique tool designed for DPO & Data protection manager. You can manage the proof of your respect of personal data protection, by having a global view of what is processed or not, in a flash.

Generate easily a recording of processing that complies with the article 30 of GDPR, thanks to a tool that is based on DPO main missions.

Follow each action in progress in a organized way to avoid mistakes & breach during each step of your GDPR process thanks to a dedicated GDPR software.

Data Legal Drive guides you through your GDPR conformity governance.

From the appointment of a DPO if needed, to the creation of your GDPR recording, the GDPR software Data legal Drive guides you thanks to the support of experts lawyers in personal data protections. 

You are able to give the proof of your good processing of personal data in real time.

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